Dive into the (sound) theatre!
31 May – 3 June The 13th educational festival “Dive into Theatre 2023” is taking place at the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. This year the festivasll is very special because it is all about the sound in the theatre.
Have you ever wondered how much sound there is in the theatre? And how much sound is in the theatre? This year’s festival invites you to dive into the sea of sound and experience how much can be told through sound, and how expressive, theatrical and mysterious sound can be. A spectacular special programme awaits you, featuring 6 unforgettable sound theatre performances by Lithuanian and international artists. The special programme is presented by Arturas Bumšteinas, composer, sound artist, and creator of sound performances and installations. You will also be able to attend practical and educational workshops for children and young people, where you will experience how sound lives and works in theatre. In various workshops you will be able to explore all aspects of sound, its transformation into music, characters, performances and even silence.
Open your ears and dive into the (sound) theatre!